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The new electricity reform or a new energy revolution will accelerate

time:2014.12.03     viewed:

November 5, new electricity reform program has been submitted to the State Council, is expected to begin by the electricity reform entered a substantive stage push to the background of the new energy revolution is about to start an electricity reform.

    Future China will vigorously promote energy conservation, control the total coal consumption, to develop non-fossil energy sources, to build China's energy upgrade.

    Electricity reform has become an important starting point for energy consumption, energy supply, energy technology and energy system in four areas of the revolution, but also for China to achieve energy transformation, completed in 2030 an important guarantee for climate goals. This time behind the electricity reform, is to accelerate China's new round of energy revolution forward.

    Development and utilization of new energy sources is an issue successive governments focused on China, has issued several accelerate new energy and renewable energy development plan, with the escalation of recent environmental issues, development issues, health issues, the development of new energy and renewable energy has entered a new stage. The electricity reform is a major move in the new energy revolution background, will accelerate the country's energy revolution.

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