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The next eight years the scale of China's wind farm operation and maintenance, or up to $ 16 billion

time:2014.10.28     viewed:

October 20, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) released the latest wind power market research report predicts that from 2015 to 2022, China's wind farm operation and maintenance of the size of the total will reach $ 16 billion, the 2022 annual operation and maintenance costs will increase $ 3 billion, is now about $ 500 million annually.

    BNEF noted that as the world's largest wind power market, the Chinese wind energy industry of huge business opportunities, current wind power installed capacity has more than 100 gigawatts, equivalent to 65,000 wind turbines installed capacity, and this figure is growing at a daily rate of more than 30 units of rapid rise.

    Wu Jing BNEF research director, Asia Pacific, said: "Prior to the Chinese wind power market has not attracted much attention, partly because China's wind power installed capacity is nearly 10 years to begin rapid growth; on the other hand is already running a large number of fans warranty period is extended due. we estimate that China's wind power business operation and maintenance of this great opportunity to be born in the coming years. "

    Report, to 2022, China's total installed capacity is expected to reach 250 fans GW, which is several times the size of any other country. Therefore, operation and maintenance of these wind farms for machine operators, third Fang Yunwei service companies and other market participants will be a great challenge, but also will bring a lot of jobs.

    It is understood that foreign machine operators usually provide only a 2-3 year warranty, after the warranty period, the wind farm will have other ways to master the operation and maintenance of their fans, such as to maintain or outsource internal operations teams to machine operators or a third-party service companies. But in China, the owners of domestic fan performance out of the early concerns, they usually require machine operators to extend the fan warranty.

    As of this year, China's production of more than two-thirds of the fan is still within the warranty period. BNEF expected, with the upgrading of the quality of new fans and old fans age of growth, will increase dramatically in the coming years the quality and size of the fan. Between 2014-2016, will be about 14-18 GWh annually fan out of warranty; 2017 and 2018 will reach 26 GW and 30 GW; by 2022, there will be a total of about 187 GW of wind turbines out of warranty.

    BNEF analysts believe that China currently has about 75% of the warranty itself is maintained by the wind turbine farm owner, while only 10% in Europe. With the wind farm owners manage asset growth is anticipated that this situation will change in the coming years. Large-scale wind farm will make a quality operation and maintenance of internal self-management becomes difficult, the owners will be through more outsourcing to reduce wind farm operation and management of risk, "market share owners to maintain their own way in five years will be reduced to 50% about. "

    Recently, BNEF operation and maintenance market with more than 20 participants in the first phase of China's wind farm operation and maintenance market research. The results show that the industry is that there are three big challenges of the future operation and maintenance of three major market opportunities, as well as cost, quality, service, and has established business relationships is to select a service provider of the most important criteria. 3 big challenge for the lack of proper industry standards and regulations, the lack of experienced independent (third party) service providers, lack of trained technicians. 3 big business are blade maintenance, maintenance planning custom tools and parts operation monitoring system.

    Most respondents from machine operators and third-party service companies research participants, they think the wind farm owners own maintenance mode will continue to dominate the Chinese wind power market operation and maintenance; more than half of the developers said the owners to operation and maintenance will dominate the market, while the rest operation and maintenance outsourcing developers think will be the main mode of the future.

    Right now, China has more than 90 third Fang Yunwei companies active in the operation and maintenance market, but great service quality and technical level of the difference between these providers, more than two-thirds of the company within the past two years just to enter. BNEF pointed out that with the rapid growth in demand for operation and maintenance outsourcing services, competitive market will allow those with low skill levels, less capital company gradually withdraw "war."

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