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Planning Energy

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Recently, the energy industry around the "Thirteen Five" meetings to discuss planning, massive. First National Energy administrations held a mobilization meeting, that "five of unity" and "four combinations" overall demand; then relevant sources of the "five group two with" energy development layout ideas, as well as with the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" phase highlights ratio; Next various provinces of the research work conducted in an orderly, wind and water.


    "Thirteen Five" energy plan is "Thirteen Five" important part of the planning of the national economy and social development, but also to achieve the general secretary Xi Jinping at the 6th meeting of the Leading Group for Financial and Economic Affairs on the proposed 2030 revolution in energy production and consumption strategies the important groundwork. "The importance of thirteen five-year plan of how to say not too much, the current planning work ethic and enthusiasm are also worthy of recognition, but based upon the idea of doing a conventional inertial development plan, converting to achieve the purpose of energy production and consumption to promote the revolution." A senior energy expert anxiously on the "China energy News," told reporters.


    Do you want the concept of effectiveness

    "China Energy News" reporter to express this view of senior industry experts minority. They said energy "Thirteen Five" plan should be comprehensive balance of interests and conflicts of the present, but should be made ​​with reference to study the general secretary of energy production and consumption of revolutionary strategy requirements, combined with the actual development of China's energy, breaking the inertia thinking, develop clear and specific plan, clear objectives transformation of China's energy strategy, supplemented by a specific timetable and roadmap, providing energy to support strategic transformation of our intelligence and decision-making reference for the center.


    According to declare national energy authorities, "Thirteen Five" energy plan will follow the decision to deploy the CPC Central Committee and State Council, focus on accelerating the establishment of safe, clean, efficient and sustainable modern energy system mission requirements, the impact of a fundamental solution long-term development of energy science, deep-seated problems. Including, vigorously promote energy conservation, enhance domestic oil and gas supply capacity, clean and efficient development and utilization of coal, a substantial increase in the proportion of renewable energy sources, safe development of nuclear power, to expand international cooperation in the energy, strengthen capacity building alternatives and contingency reserves of oil, deepen energy reform and enhance energy technology innovation.


    "Planning can no longer blindly sounding the 'second five' stages of various contradictions and problems exposed in the energy sector, such as power grids and power construction uncoordinated, uncoordinated power development, renewable energy and fossil energy development issues such as lack of coordination an urgent need to come up with concrete programs and measures to address. If only spin around the concept, there is no real innovation initiatives and practical way, harm the interests of not only the energy sector, it is opportune time strategic transformation of our energy and precious time . "an industry veteran who requested anonymity, said.


    Give clear direction specified industry

    CEC Secretary-General ANCIENT in the recently held Energy Forum at Peking University, said: "There is no best mode of the world's energy structure, only the most suitable characteristics of each country's energy structure model, the evaluation of a country's energy structure is reasonable, neither to the world average of view, it can not be developed on average watch, but not to the country's energy use so-called top-ranking to see. "


    Throughout the world, the German made ​​2050 the proportion of renewable energy power generation to 80% of the target, Denmark proposed to get rid of dependence on fossil fuels in 2050, France is planning to 2025 the proportion of nuclear power from the current 75% down to 50 %, the US because of the shale gas revolution plus love for natural gas. Wind Energy Conference recently held at the National Energy Research Institute Ren Dongming "States based on national conditions put forward a clear program of energy transformation, and to develop a clear transformation goals through technological and institutional innovations to achieve its transformation goals." points out.


    Throughout the moment China's energy sector, shouting and efficient utilization of coal industry, the gas industry say they clean and green zero emissions, nuclear power, hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic development slogan is energy conservation, reduce haze, each with its own truth, but in a noisy debate sound, direction of China's energy production and consumption revolution in the end should be?


    "'Thirteen five' plan can not continue to balance the demands of various interest groups, the development of this point, that is also developing a little. Should follow the requirements of the CPC Central Committee, initially clear development strategy in line with the energy transformation of our country, to strengthen co-ordination, to industry specified clear direction. With direction from top to bottom in order to gather strength industry consensus and work together. "an unnamed authorities said.


    Recently, North China Electric Power University Professor Zeng Ming is also the author pointed out, in the context of the energy revolution and the power system, power transition planning should take full account of the energy supply system, namely the traditional fossil energy supply system transition to a clean energy supply system. "Thirteen Five" plan need to change their thinking, changes in national planning, regional planning fragmentation phenomenon "Twelfth Five-Year" period, to strengthen co-ordination resolution mechanism.


    "'Thirteen five' plan is not a simple plan, should give a preliminary answer." Relevant person close to the National Energy Board said, "Now the planning ideas or ideas established in accordance with the development of track and inertia, not to mention innovation, from the 'revolution' farther. Without innovation difficult to resolve conflicts and problems, therefore, balance the various interest groups, well-organized plan is the safest. "


    Industry planners should understand the industry

    Turning to the current planning issues, the industry department in charge of national energy-related criticism lot. Some people even said that a small number of relevant government officials not only hi hi pragmatic retreat, do not understand the actual development of the energy sector, leading to planning sitting pontificating, there is an urgent need to upgrade and strengthen the energy industry to understand and learn.


    But others believe that criticism "capacity crisis" is too harsh. In fact, the energy "Thirteen Five" plan is not merely a plan, which is closely related to government reform and energy reform. "In the past, talking about issues of power and new energy, many commentators the board hit him in the grid companies. In fact, the relevant government departments fragmentation, bull management is the deep-seated reasons. The current energy nexus, the relevant government departments need to fully implement the central and spirit of the State Council, decentralization changing functions, rather than to serve the interests of the national energy strategy group strategy as a starting point, the courage to come up with innovation and reform. "


    "Easier said than done. Reform easier said than done? Perhaps only to feel the burn when it will be the real thing." An old expert says with exasperation.

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