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Three green EU energy policy brewing 2020

time:2014.09.28     viewed:


EU trade ministers Member States are targets for green energy subsidies in 2020 after seeking the views of the European Commission to develop guidance of a non-binding. The EU is set in 2020 in the three strategic green energy policy objectives: to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20%, the share of renewables in the energy mix to 20%, saving 20% increase, which will be held in 2020 to three objectives period. The EU is currently being discussed in 2030 after the expiration of the above objectives the goal, whether to continue providing subsidies for renewable energy, triggering a different opinion of controversy. Part of German politicians believe that the high cost of renewable resources greatly weakened the competitiveness of the EU compared to the United States, because the United States thanks to cheap shale unit. The European Renewable Energy Council and other organizations hope to the 2030 EU renewable energy in the energy mix ratio should reach 45%.

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