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2014.08.27 usher in Shandong Enerise Power Technology Co.,Ltd. became the sixth anniversary

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In the autumn cool, osmanthus fragrance of the season, we ushered in the sixth anniversary date "8.27" Shandong Enerise Power Technology Co.,Ltd., Ltd. established Zhi Qing, which is the birthday of our staff together, all of us are part of the event. Although the river a short period of six years longer history in just a short moment. However, Shandong Enerise Power Technology Co.,Ltd., however, it is full of opportunities and challenges, hard work and dedication of the entrepreneurial history.


    Shandong Enerise Power Technology Co.,Ltd. was established six years, under the joint efforts of all staff, from small to large, from weak to strong, from an unknown small factory into the entire electric vehicle industry leader. Today, Shandong Enerise Power Technology Co.,Ltd. as the parent company has bred an independent seven subsidiaries: Shandong RunHe Welding Equipment Company Limited, Shandong Runsheng Power Technology Co.,ltd., FGY Energy Storage Research Institute Co.,Ltd., Shandong BonDragon Import & Export Co., Ltd., Shandong Jin Tinto Mining Investment Co., Ltd., Shandong moistening biomass Energy Co., Ltd., Jiangsu technology Research Institute Ltd. valley source storage strategy consisting of industrial clusters.


    With the development and expansion of enterprises, comply with the objective requirements of enterprise development, we have formed a timely Shandong U-Force Holding Company in Shandong in 2013.


    Recalling the development course of six years ago, Shandong Enerise Power Technology Co.,Ltd started only a few devices and more than a dozen employees, but now has become a medium-sized enterprises on thousands of workers, hundreds of varieties; product sales in each medium and small country cities, and even exported abroad through border crossings. Our products are gradually being recognized by users, gradually increasing sales, market customers stability, strength of enterprises increasingly strong, these are the result of joint efforts of all of us, but also for the whole run today all the best return man hard to pay!


    How can we not experienced the storm rainbow, in the past six years, Shandong Enerise Power Technology Co.,Ltd, grow, grow like a child, like, stumbled, fought, we finally stood up, and is robust, healthy and fast growing up.


    The company can have today's achievements, you can not do without the hard work of employees, but also inseparable from everyone's silent support. Full run holding company will be because of your efforts and support and more exciting! In this, the company said most sincere thanks to all the new and old employees and had fought with friends!


    Man Road as the iron, now moving more from scratch. Achievement has become the past, the future is full of hope, we are all run people are confident will lofty aspiration, confident attitude to challenge the industry's peak. So we have to keep the whole run people Ganpin, daring, dare to win, integrity and innovative spirit of the work, put together a Shandong U-Force Holding Company bigger, stronger!


    Finally, let us remember the "August 27" this memorable day, I wish us U-Force Holding Company, but each is booming! Courage, glory! I wish my friends and colleagues everything goes smooth work!





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