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BanDragon will participate in the India International Exhibition of electronic components

time:2014.08.04     viewed:

    Shandong U-force Holding Company ,a subsidiary"Shandong BonDragon Import & Export Co., Ltd."will be early September to participate in the India International Exhibition of electronic components.


    First, the show introduced


    [Show time] 2014-09-23 to 2014-09-25

    [Organizers] Munich International Exhibition Group
    [Event Cycle year term
    First held in 1999 []
    [Exhibition] electronic industry / power / communications / - Electronics
    [Venue] Asia - India - New Delhi
    [Hall] held in Bangalore, India International Exhibition Centre


     India International electronic components, materials and production equipment exhibition by world-renowned electronic products and hosted media services agency --EFY get government support in India, is India's electronics industry, the most representative exhibition.

     India International electronic components, materials and production equipment exhibition to get the support of India Ministry of Science and recognition, an annual, 2012 the exhibition has opened four exhibition halls, an exhibition area of ​​8,000 square meters net, attracted 258 home electronic components exhibiting companies, 12,337 professional visitors. The exhibition formed electronic product design, electronic product innovation, electronic engineering and production, buyers seminar four themes for exhibitors to provide adequate trade exchange platform.

     Indian government to open the domestic market significantly in recent years, the development of new policies to encourage competition and attract foreign investment. Its economic growth rate is much higher than the world average growth rate, especially the rapid development of electronic information industry, electromechanical industry increasingly attracting world attention. As published in the meeting "BRICS" leaders of the March 29, 2012 and the "Delhi Declaration" in China and India as finance, trade will further deepen and expand. On this background, will be China's export enterprises in various industries to provide a good opportunity for development.


     Second, the display contents


     Electronic components and assemblies, high and low voltage power supply and switching equipment, passive components, control components, circuit protection devices, power supplies, batteries, low voltage cables, cable, audio video cable, harness, coaxial, electromechanical components and connection technology , antenna technology, passive components, silicon crystal devices, electronic materials, welding technology, mold, housing, semiconductor devices, insulation materials, static protection products, magnetic materials and products, patch devices, audio accessories, speaker, buzzer devices, optoelectronics, fiber optic components and connector technology, display, TFT-LCD, liquid crystal devices, LCD / LED devices and technology, LED lighting, electronic test equipment and instrumentation, PCB design and plate making, electronic production process, packaging, electronics production equipment.

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